Halide and Spectre

In 2017, I shipped Halide, a photography app for people who have grown beyond Apple's first-party camera. Today it is the most popular manual camera app in the App Store, and lead to our acclaimed blog about iPhone photography.

In 2019 we launched a follow up app, Spectre, which enables handheld long exposures. It was the #1 Top Paid App for one week, and went on to win Apple's 2019 iPhone App of the Year.


I worked at Twitter from 2009 to 2014. When I joined Twitter, you could fit everyone around one large lunch table, and I was the first hire for the newly formed “Mobile Team,”. I lead the rewrite of the mobile site, which included productionizing new services. After Twitter acquired Tweetie, which became the official client, I became the second iOS developer. I went on to serve as tech lead, and later served on the 'Mobile Architecture' team, helping the company scale to hundreds of contributors working on a single codebase.

For fun, I built and taught a week long curriculum to get first-time mobile engineers up to speed. I also helped build Twitter for Mac; For several years, I was the only developer on the app, delivering features and maintaining an OS X port of UIKit.

I left shortly after Twitter's IPO, having experienced the company grow to over 3,500 employees and hundreds of millions of users.

HBO's Silicon Valley

I was a technical consultant on the second season of Silicon Valley. In addition to answering questions in the writer’s room, I built an app used by the cast and crew.