Ben Sandofsky Builds Apps.

I built Halide and Spectre with Sebastiaan de With. In the past I advised startups, lead Twitter for iPhone, consulted for HBO's silicon valley, and more. For more details, check out my projects page.

Recent Writing

  • Controller HierarchiesHow to structure multi-screen activities without reinventing the wheel.
  • How I'd Learn iOS DevelopmentFrom time to time, people ask me how to learn iOS development. So here we go.
  • The Trouble with Manager ObjectsThe first time I look at a legacy project, I scan for warning signs. Today I'll talk about "Manager" classes.
  • Flaws of KVOIf you're sure you need an observer, Cocoa lets you choose between Notification Center and KVO. Which should you use? That's easy. Notification Center. Avoid KVO.
  • Delegates vs ObserversCocoa provides a handful of patterns without much guidance on their use. Today, let's contrast delegates with observers.