Ben Sandofsky Builds Apps.

I've shipped software for over a decade, with over four years at Twitter. I advise startups, and I was a tech consultant on silicon valley. I teach iOS at CodePath, helping senior engineers jump into mobile.

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Recent Writing

  • Agility Follows an S-CurveThe worst question in software is, “When will it be done?” because it never correlates with, “When should we ship?”
  • The Sin in SingletonSingletons are not an anti-pattern, but they are an abused pattern. They’re popular among beginners because they’re convenient. Down the line they add complexity and cause maddening bugs.
  • The API VeneerAs you flesh out an app, the first place you dump behavior is the controller. As Colin Campbell said, “iOS architecture, where MVC stands for Massive View Controller”.
  • Never Reach UpThere are little details in app architecture that may not be obvious, but make a big difference over time. We’ll start with modal view controllers, then step back for the larger lesson.
  • When to Avoid LibrariesIf I offer you $50 today or $100 one year from now, you’ll take the $50. Yet if I offer $50 in five years or $100 in six years, you’ll pick $100, which seems irrational given the difference is still one year. Economists call this Hyperbolic Discounting. Given two similar options, we strongly “discount” the later one.