Ben Sandofsky Builds Apps.

I've shipped software for over a decade, with over four years at Twitter. I advise startups, and I was a tech consultant on silicon valley. I teach iOS at CodePath, helping senior engineers jump into mobile.

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Recent Writing

  • When to Avoid LibrariesIf I offer you $50 today or $100 one year from now, you’ll take the $50. Yet if I offer $50 in five years or $100 in six years, you’ll pick $100, which seems irrational given the difference is still one year. Economists call this Hyperbolic Discounting. Given two similar options, we strongly “discount” the later one.
  • Objective-C in a Swift WorldIf Swift succeeds, Objective-C will go away. It won’t be deprecated, but it’ll move to Florida to enjoy its golden years. It’ll spend days running the legacy app with a million lines of code, and its nights sipping margaritas with the OAuth library everyone fears rewriting. Many years from now, you’ll open the obituary section of the iOS Release Notes to see Objective-C passed on. So it goes.
  • It’s Time to use Interface BuilderWhen I first learned Cocoa, I didn’t get Interface Builder. It seemed like a beginner’s tool that gets in the way of anything more complicated than a tip-calculator. For years I worked on big teams that decided IB was off the table.
  • How to Ship an AppThis post covers how I like to ship apps. It won’t work everywhere, but it works for the apps I like to make.
  • The Apple WatchThis week I was having coffee with a friend when I received a message. Pulling out my phone would warrant an “I’m sorry.” Instead, I glanced at my watch. The conversation continued, uninterrupted.